Pictures of Argentine Dogo Breeders

Argentine Dogo BreedersPictures of Argentine Dogo Breeders
Photo of Argentine Dogo Top BreedersPhoto of Argentine Dogo Top Breeders
Argentine Dogo Breeders OverviewArgentine Dogo Breeders Overview

The Argentine Dogo was developed by a courageous big game hunter, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez during the 1920s. This dog was also used for military and police work, and also for guard and guide dog purposes. This breed since had a lot of negative publicity due to them becoming a favourite amongst dog fighting enthusiasts. The dangerous Dog Act banned these dogs in Britain in 1991, and they have also been banned in Australia since then. Some of the many talents of the Argentine Dogo include hunting, tracking, watch dogging, guarding, police work, narcotics detection, military, work, competitive obedience, and schutzhund.

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